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I bet being a girl is easy!! Why does every girl say it's hard? If you look at it from a guy's perspective, it seems like the easiest thing in the world!!











Dear douchbag,
Because of your rude way of asking this question that’s full of bull, I will make you a fucking list why being a fucking girl, fucking sucks ass.
1. Society. Society has an expectation for girls to be a perfect creature, and if we’re not the perfect weight, height, or skin tone, or if our nose isn’t perfect, or if we wear glasses, we don’t wear that specific brand of clothing, we wear summer colors in the fall, or if we have blemishes, we are shamed for looking less than perfect. We have so much shit coming at us every day and if we don’t handle it the right way, we’re depressed. And if someone asks you if you’re a virgin, there is really no way of answering without getting judged. If you say you are, then you’re a nun or there is something wrong with you, or on the other hand, you say you are not, and you are automatically a slut and a whore, therefor, either one will get rumors about you going around. Society has made so many girls be ashamed to be who they are. People say “be yourself, but not like that. That’s repulsive. Be yourself with my terms and conditions.” Store mannequins are one thing that intimidates me most. I refuse to go into Love Culture or Papaya or any of the stores with good clothing because the mannequins. They’re skinny, and tall, and look like a life sized Barbie doll, and us as girls are supposed to look like them. And society teaches girls to be careful, and to not go out at night alone, or be alone anywhere or else we’ll get raped. Or that if we wear the turtle neck instead of the tank top on that hot day, that we will not attract rapist. Society teaches us not to get raped, but in reality, they should be teaching not TO rape. Rapist will rape no matter what you wear or what gender you are. And us as girls, it’s automatically our fault if we get raped because our arm was showing.
2. Periods. Every guy thinks periods aren’t that bad. And you, being a guy, you have never experienced what it feels like to have your vagina leak out freaking blood for a week. Cramps feel like a knife is tearing your stomach to shreds, but in reality, our uterus is doing it instead of the knife. But even if you’re feeling pain in your lower stomach and can’t move because you’ll start screaming and crying if you do, society still expects you to go to school. And while you’re at school, you have to go to the bathroom every two hours to change your pad, which is like wearing diapers that rub against your inner thighs, and from the back, it looks like your butt has a boner, or you could wear a tampon. You know, it’s no big deal. You just have to PLUNGE A FUCKING STICK UP YOUR VAGINA AND ITS UNCOMFORTABLE AS HELL. If you leave it a couple minutes after it’s supposed to be there, you get a yeast infection that is worse than having your period because every time you pee, you can’t, and it feels like someone shoved a fiery Doritos locos tacos up your pee hole, making you scream and cry while sitting in the toilet. And anything can set you off. Not having cookies in the cookie jar can make you start thinking of what your purpose is in life, and all the reasons why you hate your life, and then you pray to god to take you that second because he is neglecting you of the sweet taste of chips-o-hoy. Sleeping is probably the worst thing ever. If you sleep facing up, the blood trickles down to your ass crack and staining the mattress and your favorite underwear. Same goes if you sleep on your sides, except all the blood goes to your thighs and butt cheeks. And we do this for 5-7 days every. Freaking. Month.
3. Bras. I don’t wanna wear a bra! They are the most uncomfortable thing in the world. If you don’t clip it in the right way, or if the straps are a little bit uneven, then you just spend the whole day twitching and reaching for the back of your bra, and you end up accidentally unclipping it, and if you’re at school and your teacher won’t let you go to the bathroom, you just have to find a way to cross your arms while taking notes at the same time. Plus, they’re so expensive. So you can get two blue and pink bras for $30 at Victoria Secret, or get the unsexy, nasty looking brown bras from Walmart for $20. And you can’t have just one bra, so you end up having, like, eight bras so you spent all of your money on things that won’t be visible to anybody. And if your bra straps show, you’re automatically a whore and a slut. And if you don’t wear them, people talk about you and your bralessness. Like, no, I didn’t want these boobs, I didn’t have a choice.
4. Beauty. In movies, the cool girls always be like, “OMG! Let’s all go do our makeup for FUN!” No. Doing your makeup is NOT fun. Like when you’re doing your mascara and you accidentally get some on your eye lid, and then you have to take off all the makeup from that eye and redo those seven minutes of eyeshadow. And then if you’re wearing lip gloss and you go outside when it’s windy and your hair sticks to your lips. And whenever you get it out, your hair is all sticky no matter how long you try to scrape it off. Girls can’t just roll out of bed at 7:00am, if we want to look good, we get up at 5:30 in the morning to do our hair and makeup. We do all this shit to our hair and it makes it all crusty, and them you have to get a hair cut when you burn the tips of your hair from the flat iron. And if girls don’t do this, we feel so insecure and feel like guys are starting at us in a disgusted way because our hair is frizzy.
5. Shaving. OH MY GOD! EVERY GIRL IS EXPECTED TO BE BORN HAIRLESS FROM THE NOSE DOWN. If we don’t shave, it’s like, “eww! Hair! How repulsive! Gross! No! Girls shouldn’t have hair! How can you walk around earth looking like that? What a monster!” And peach fuzz? That’s the one thing that makes me most insecure because I feel like everyone is having a conversation with my upper lip and not me. “Well gee! Why don’t you wax?” I DO AND IT FUCKING HURTS AND GROWS BACK THE NEXT DAY. Shaving leaves little stubs that aren’t noticeable but feel disgusting.
6. Rules. There are rules to being a girl. No farting. No burping. No football. No peeing standing up. No taking your shirt off. (Learned that the hard way) If guys do it, it’s socially acceptable, but you do it one time at the pool and you’re kicked out for the rest of the summer!
7. Sex. So guys can have sex whenever they want to and not be worried about if they’re gonna be pregnant or not. But girls, we have to carry the baby, go through nine months of period symptoms plus some excruciating back pains and weird food cravings. (weirder than period cravings.) And men can have kids until they’re like eighty five, but for women, we have until were like thirty five and then we’re just like “ah shit! I gotta get my stuff working my time is running out!”
And that, is just seven of the billions of reasons of why being a girl sucks. So shut your fucking face, and mature a little. Girls should be respected, and if you can’t do that, I’m going to take my best guess and say you’re single. I do understand that there are some guys out there that like your hairy legs and armpits. That doesn’t care if you weigh more than the models on the magazines.
The female population


Can I bring this back, cuz I can’t believe that it didn’t get more notes.


nigga damn


THANK YOU!!! God why doesn’t this have enough notes?!?

hope you fucking realise guys have fucking issues too, society has impacts on guys too, there are rules for guys too, and that thing about sex is not even true.
so, um, yeah.

^To this person^ Okay, you have to realize that she was talking to this specific person, not the entire male population. The anon didn’t ask, “what’s so hard about being a guy?” He asked, “what’s so hard about being a girl?” And if you were going to disagree with her, put it in a nicer way. What you put is pretty harsh, and I’m trying to be as nice as possible here. Yes, I agree, being a man is probably really hard too, but that wasn’t what she was asked to answer. She was asked to answer what is hard about being a girl, and I praise this person because she had the guts to put it out there instead of just deleting the message.

Rebloging this for the fiftieth time. I can’t get enough.



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Once you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. ♥ ;v;

1) I am a really creative person and love to make things ^3^

2)I love to make people happy and put their happiness before my own!

3)Once I get into a creative flow, I can draw really cute pictures :3

4) I’m quite optimistic

5) I act a lot like a cat…I even purr when I cuddle people I love a lot.

That was so hard not to say all my points about Lolita XD

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